Pumpkin Feast

So it was Halloween not long ago, and like most people I bought a pumpkin (not yet growing my own). It was a rather large 2 or 3 kg bad boy. I never got round to the carving bit, I was more interested in what could be done with this pumpkin.

You probably already know that everything is good in a pumpkin, and that you can get quite a few tasty dishes (that one fed us for about a week!).

So about a quarter of it went into making this tasty and very simple pumpkin soup.

Homemade Pumpkin SoupHomemade Pumpkin Soup
Homemade Pumpkin Soup

Another quarter was used for this yummy pumpkin cake (literally a heart attack on the plate, but after grating all that pumpkin you will well deserve a decent portion, and probably seconds; I did!)

Yummy Pumpkin Cake
Yummy Pumpkin Cake

The other half was used between a pumpkin curry, pumpkin mash and bangers and pumpkin mash (I used potatoes in the latter, pumpkin on its own is quite watery and you don’t really get the “creamy” mash effect).

I obviously roasted the seeds (love this, and really nailed it this time, much tastier than the ones I did last year). Didn’t really follow a recipe, just washed them, then added a bit of olive oil and a pinch of salt, in the oven at very low temperature for about 1 h then under the grill until all toasted.

As I was trying to use ALL of the pumpkin, I then wondered “can the skin be eaten?”

Well it turns out that yes, you can eat the skin. Make pumpkin crisps!

Pumpkin and other squashes are great value for money, you can get so much out of it! And if you grow them yourself, they will most probably be a lot more nutritious too. I have kept a few of the biggest seeds before roasting them to plant. Homegrown pumpkin feast next year, watch this space!

More recipe ideas here 🙂