About this blog… Well I guess it all started a few years ago when my partner and I decided to start-up a renewable energy business. “Why?” will you ask me. We have quite a lot in common in that respect, we are both keen on environmental and climate change issues, we both like to live independent lives, and I think more importantly, we both want to make a difference, and contribute, in our own way, to the greater good (the greater good!).

Joking aside, this enterprise seemed like a very good compromise for us in order to fulfil our ambitions. Mine are very much centered around the environmental and humanitarian aspects (think rural electrification in a third world country), his would probably be more in the understanding and development of technologies and the study of resources. Over the years we  have gradually developed a deeper understanding of living within the limits of the local natural resources and of efficient energy management, and we have now specialised into remote off-grid (island) renewable energy systems.

And because we tend to only talk about what we know, we put it into practice every day. Our office and workshop run entirely on solar power, the Gecko (I’ll get to this in a bit) also runs entirely on solar but also wind energy. We recycle, upcycle and compost everything we can, throw away very little (we have little needs anyway), and we are starting to grow our own food. We also use environmentally friendly cleaning products that are biodegradable, and we would like soon to apply this to beauty and care products.

We have a little plot of land, perhaps an acre and a half, onto which the Gecko seats proudly, overlooking the upcoming veggie patch. Plan is to welcome a few hens soon, and ducks once we have rehabilitated the pond (although a family of Canadian geese have already called it home!). And we’ll also be putting up a log cabin, that will of course be self-sufficient (water from the bore hole and rainwater collection, energy from the sun and the wind, reed bed, …).

And this is what this blog is all about, our journey from here, with what we have already learnt, to where we want to get to.

Welcome on board!



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