Berlin duo launch a supermarket with no packaging

“Shrink-wrapped shallots and polystyrene-packed peppers are a thing of the past at Original Unverpackt, a German concept store selling groceries without the packaging”.

Only two or three weeks ago, France announced that supermarkets were banned from throwing food away, and risked fines if they did not donate it to charities. They even obliged the biggest retailers to enter contracts with such charities, as a sign of commitment.

Despite being a fair progress, some would say quite rightfully in fact that the French Government is chewing the wrong end of the stick, since supermarkets are only responsible for less than 5% of whole the food wasted annually (I know I was surprised too, it’s the same in England, the biggest wasters… are us!).

But this story reminded me of this article below,


I personally think it’s a great idea, and I would be the first one to shop there! There has been a similar scheme launched in Brighton a couple of years ago I think, although I’m not too sure how this went…

I have tried once to go shopping and bring back home zero packaging (except for that could be recycled)… Well it wasn’t easy. Whilst I said no to extra bags (whether paper or plastic) for bread or vegetables for example (and of course I had my “bag for life” bag), things like pasta can only be bought in a shop… pre-packed. So I ended up only being able to eliminate probably just over half the packaging of an average shop…

Any of you ever been in a “zero-packaging shop”? Are you conscious of how much packaging you are bringing back home from your shopping… that ultimately ends up in the bin?




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