10 kW off grid turbine - Cornwall

Off-grid living: it’s time to take back the power from the energy companies

“The bankers are saying that off-grid living is now so viable that it threatens the whole utilities model. Nick Rosen, editor of off-grid.net, argues that it can’t happen a minute too soon.”

This article published in The Guardian in April last year was a liberation. From a business point of view, it proved us when times were a bit tough, that we actually were on the right track. But from a more personal point of view, in the last year off-grid living has stopped being synonym of tree-hugging hippies (to remain polite), it has become almost fashionable. The concepts of “tiny homes” and “homesteading” are now widely accepted pretty much everywhere. If you read anything specific to the renewable energy industry, the strain some put on their national grid, is a real problem, and without going completely off-grid, the only real answer is “self-consumption”.

Off-grid living is not seen as a silent protest by long-haired cavemen anymore, it has become a young and proactive development movement in which we take charge of ourselves pretty much individually but for the benefit of the rest of us.




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