Hello World!

Look After Your Planet is an off-grid living blog. Not a “how-to” guide, as we are still very much at the beginning of our journey, but rather a diary on why, how, when, where and another thousand questions. I’m looking to share our experience as much as I am looking for advice and suggestions.

We have decided to tackle the following challenges: energy and waste first, very recently (some) food, and soon to come accommodation. Future projects will address travelling, and household and personal/cosmetic products. For now…

The end game is just a simpler, self-resilient, sustainable and more responsible lifestyle.

“We” by the way includes myself, my partner in crime, a very colleish dog and a very mareish horse! (Also for now…)

I am passionate about our wonderful little planet. I am also very much aware that the vast majority of us (that doesn’t exclude me) takes it for granted. And most of all , I truly and utterly hate waste! I try everything I possibly can to reduce (and ultimately avoid) any negative impacts. I reduce, reuse and recycle, and also now (very trendy) upcycle 🙂 So in my ever-lasting quest to be as environmentally friendly as possible, I do a lot of reading, and I’ll probably be posting a few tips that I find useful.

Oh and because we’re kind of globe-trotters, I’ve also included a travel section.

So here it goes, hope you’ll enjoy the journey as much as we do!

The beginning of life
Look After Your Planet – How life begins






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